Community First

Frustrated? Self-employed? Money Tight?

The small business industry suffered as a result of lockdown and the restrictions that were put in place. If you were not an “essential” service provider, you could not work and bring in the needed funds to support your family. As a result, our community was severely impacted by this pandemic.

Even though we are still in lockdown, and opportunities are opening again, there is no real easy platform in place to help us build and grow.

That is how Gvine came into existence.

Who and What is Gvine?

What is the purpose of this website?

What is the pricing and how does this site work?

How can I (the community) help?

What is the purpose of this website?

Our website is designed (and will continually adapt) to assist the small business sector for them to be able to work and generate an income, without the worries of advertising or marketing and often the huge costs linked to this. With the service provider’s details on this website, our customers can have direct access to the type of services they supply to enable potential customers to contact service providers directly.

Lockdown has affected most, if not all small businesses to the effect that they no longer have premises and had to resort to work from home. To contact and know the whereabouts of these smaller business is difficult and therefore we have designed this website to assist our customers with much needed services and (hopefully) very quickly.

We have all had the experience when looking for a contact number on a website and have to search through pages and pages (of useless content) to find what we are looking for, or advert after frustrating advert keeps popping up.

It will also help with the community since the site will have reliable and trustworthy Service Providers. To this end, we will need the site user’s ongoing feedback to eliminate unscrupulous Service providers, and at the same time assist those honest and reputable ones.

For the Community

Our main drive and aim are 2-fold

Firstly, we want to be THE most user-friendly platform that the community want to use to identify and find the most reputable service providers that they need. As mentioned, we cannot do this without the help of the site user and the community as it will be invaluable.

Secondly, we aim to identify some smaller businesses and try to financially (or otherwise) assist them to grow further.  They in turn, could then employ from the community, thus assisting and being an asset to the community.

What is the pricing and how does this site work?

For the visitor of the site, there is no fee. For the service providers, our pricing is very reasonable and only costs R100.00 per month, with a ONCE off registration fee of R100.00. This can be paid at your convenience via monthly or upfront bi-annually, or a year. This can be done via Payfast or EFT.  Your contact details will be displayed on this website so that our customers can contact you direct for the services you provide in your specific area of expertise. Your customers can rate your service on a scale of 1-5 STARS and give a written review of your work. This will assist, not just you for future customers, but also for potential new customers to see the quality of the service you provided.

How can I (the community) help?

If you care for your community and the small business (which we are sure you do), please USE this platform. There are various ways in which you can assist to rebuild YOUR community.

By using this platform you not only help yourself but also those out there who can help you and need you

Once you have used a service provider, please rate them on this platform and perhaps you can write a review about them. This will help us to improve this site and the next person can with confidence and on your review, choose a particular service provider.

Give us feedback (positive or negative) on what we can do to improve your experience on this site. We might even use some of your feedback to show how we, with your help have made the website better. Remember, this site is there to assist and work for the community.

Read our newsletter. We will give ongoing news where we are and how the community is doing via our e-news letter. We will  also provide information and feedback on possible small businesses we have identified and how YOU have helped them grow with your help.

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